Hi, I'm Natalie!

I like to build community, teach yoga, and solve math problems.

I love learning. When people ask me what I study, I laugh and tell them, "Math kind of." That's the short answer, but also usually a good conversation starter. I view mathematics as an effective tool for understanding the world around us and have found that my interests lie in applied math and statistics. Fortunately, I was able to create my own Mathematical Applications in Biochemistry major through the University of Richmond's Interdisciplinary Studies program and now have the opportunity to study the sciences through a mathematical lens. My other academic interests include language, anthropology, geography, and basically anything else I can find a book on.

I love making people smile. One of my long-standing hobbies is baking. Learning how to bake, I enjoyed the excitement of creating something new and tasty from simple ingredients, but my real joy came the next day at school when I could pass the baked goods to my classmates. While I still keep up with my baking, these days, I try to find ways to be generous through my volunteer opportunities. My passions range from growing a diverse and inclusive community on my college campus to resolving issues of healthcare and education among the underserved.

I love trying new foods. As long as it's vegetarian and not too spicy, I'll eat anything once. My recent trip to Singapore provided an opportunity for me to try many iced desserts, noodle bowls, and my new favorite fruit, mangosteen. I believe the heart of a culture lies within its food, and that we can often learn a lot from a trip to a local restaurant in a new location. The idea of experiencing different cultures has intrigued me for many years, but growing up, I never had the chance to go too far from home. Starting to travel on my own, I have found the most rewarding part of travel is meeting new people and understanding their life experiences and the way they see the world. Now, I have a long list of places to visit, and I look forward to many new adventures and, of course, trying many new foods.

Interested in learning more about me? Take a look at what I've been working on lately, or read some of my innermost thoughts.


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